Why Choose Us?


You know something is wrong.

If you are like many of our clients, you are successful in so many ways. But something is missing. Something is in the way. You are not getting what you need, and you are frustrated.


We’ve been there too.

We understand. The traditional business model is broken. Simply pushing paper back and forth may work for some, but not you.

You want ideas to reduce your taxes (tax strategy not just tax preparation). You want ideas to a better business (solid business advice and execution, not just accounting). You want a relationship (someone who will regularly tell you what it all means). You want communication (regular, scheduled, proactive not just waiting for a call). You want a different approach. You want someone to help watch your back (and monitor what is going on). You want a partner to help chart a successful life.


An offer you cannot refuse.

Building a solid foundation for your new business to grow upon is essential to it’s success. Make sure you’re setting your best foot forward from the start by working with a firm like LBE Consulting, PLLC, whose experience includes providing analytical and management consulting services to clients.We provide to each client the critical knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Whether you’ve already incorporated your business or are trying to determine the best entity to choose, LBE Consulting, PLLC provides the reliable financial guidance you need to succeed in today’s economy. Our new business advisor services are designed to help businesses minimize tax liability, establish financial systems and develop a business plan to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Selecting your entity type– We’ll consult with you to determine the best entity type for your business.
  • Minimizing tax liability– We’ll implement tax strategies designed to minimize tax liability for your business, increasing your bottom line.
  • Establishing an accounting and financial system– We’ll help you set up a system to track your business financial activities.
  • Business plan development– We’ll assist in developing a set of attainable goals for your business.
  • Small business consulting–LBE Consulting, PLLC provides ongoing business advisory services to help you stay on track with the goals to improve profits.


Real life issues are not just tax preparation.

If you are like most of our clients, you want ideas to save taxes, and you want to know the opportunities to make your business better. Our signature Tax Strategy and business Strategic Assessment services answer that call.


There is more.

We provide are at the highest point of consulting for small business in the quality of the professional services that we provide to the owners of small and medium-size businesses.  Some of our business services include the following:

  • Started coaching a construction contractor, specializing in building cell phone towers for all major carriers through the maze of implementing best business practices, job descriptions and making sure that every employee knows what their job entails. Provided the management team with the tools to ‘manage’ employees with proper timelines. Although, they were making money, this allowed them to finally show a profit.
  • Taught a session on how to get better prices by designing an improved value proposition to a group of women business owners.
  • Worked with full-service pharmacy which sells prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter medications. Implemented new accounting processes in place to help with cash management. Developed a financial package together for their current bank for restructuring loans and increasing client’s line of credit.
  • Implemented new accounting system with a company who provides printing to the government. Data had to be reconstructed in order to file 3 years of returns. Simplified the process of dealing with the QAD software and government SIMS software.
  • Worked with a company engaged in the design and installation of heating systems for home owners, businesses, and municipalities.Client failed to claim a dedication on their tax returns for 2014-2016. The client was able to amend the past returns and claim the deduction and realize the deduction in the future years. We provided the proper guidance, they allowed the client to avoid costly mistakes in the future.
  • Implemented a cloud-based accounting system and began training owner’s wife on the recording of transactions for a trucking company.
  • Assisted an engineering company with structuring to allow two key employees to buy-out, while the current owner is planning to retire through a tax efficient plan.
  • While working with a transportation company primarily engaged in the hauling of gasoline, diesel and other fuels throughout the Texas region. Segregated the trucks from the operations of the business, offer significant asset protection. Identified several advanced strategies that would allow them to reduce taxable income, thereby saving them nearly $60,000 in taxes per year.
  • Worked with a local medical family practitioner to implement nine liability protection entities including partnerships, LLCs, trusts and a corporation across multiple states, as well as, set up the accounting and tax monitoring systems.

And, all of this was going on while heading into the last three weeks of tax season.

We help our clients simplify their complex financial lives, preserve wealth and achieve their long-term financial goals. As sophisticated financial professionals with specialized expertise, we offer attentive personal service and independence that can’t be found at larger institutions and banks.  Contact us today at 800-609-7362  to learn more about our services for high-net-worth individuals and ultra-affluent families.