Women-Owned Business

“Helping women gain Empowerment and change their mindset about their finances.”

LBE, LLC & Business Advisors’ Women-Owned Business practice is designed to help your business elevate and accomplish financial success, as well as to help you, as owners, fulfill your personal goals for professionalism, career satisfaction and life balance. As your trusted business advisors, the experts in our Women-Owned Business practice will help you to successfully navigate the unique issues faced by women business owners. Our practice is staffed by CPAs and other highly credentialed advisors, to best serve our clients. We are available to offer advice on a wide range of business issues, such as finance, accounting, banking, sales management, employees, and customer and vendor relations.

We can also help you establish relationships with other professional service providers, as well as vendors/suppliers/business partners, so that you have an array of resources on-hand to help your business attain its best possible success.  If community involvement and philanthropic activities are important to you, our experts can even provide guidance on how to integrate your business activities with these important programs.

Our services include consulting, as well as traditional accounting and tax planning, designed to meet the needs of your specific industry.

  • Entrepreneurial Business Services: Those women-owned businesses that are small-to-medium size typically face a common dilemma: How to handle the multitude of accounting, financial and business management issues with limited human and financial resources? For these clients, our Women-Owned Business practice works in combination with our Professional Service Providers (PSP) to provide full-support for those clients who need regular assistance, not just annual tax returns or financial statement preparation. We strive to take the burden of our clients’ financial tasks off of them to help them do what they do best – run their businesses. These services include:
    o Business Formation & Planning
    o Financial Management
    o Recordkeeping
    o QuickBooks ProAdvisors
    o Employment & Human Resources
    o Referrals to Other Providers of Professional Services
  • Tax Consulting: We offer advanced tax planning techniques to help you to reduce your tax burdens to the minimum amount allowed by law. Our firm provides a full range of tax services for corporations, partnerships, not-for-profit entities and individuals.
  • Business Advisory: LBE Consultants & Business Advisors offers a complete range of business consulting services to help women-owned businesses succeed, including: income statement and balance sheet projections; working capital/cash flow management; inventory costing and control systems; and review and evaluation of internal financial controls.
  • Information Technology: Our consultants will help your company to choose software with appropriate accounting system capabilities, and a hardware system that can rapidly generate the critical management information you need.
  • Pension & Human Resources: Whether you are a start-up or growing enterprise, you’ll appreciate our hands-on involvement and support. Through our affiliates, we offer excellent pension plan programs to help in attracting and retaining key employees.


We invite our women-owned business clients to attend our seminars. We also have several other seminars especially for women-owned business clients, that are announced on our page. Stay Connected!