Accounting Consultant

Summary of Responsibilities

All work of the accounting consultant must be supervised. Initially, they are given less complex bookkeeping and accounting assignments. As they gain experience, they are given more difficult assignments and greater responsibilities. The accounting consultant may know the basic accounting concepts involved, but may not know the exact procedures to be followed. When unusual situations arise, they present the pertinent information to the engagement in-charge and follow their advice and direction.

Essential Functions

  • Begin acquiring the skills necessary to develop quality client relationships and loyalty.
  • Obtain a working knowledge of firm technology, including the use of email, the Internet, and the use of firm spreadsheet, word processing, accounting and bookkeeping, and time keeping software.
  • Obtain a working knowledge of accounting research techniques and various research sources in the firm library.
  • Draft management financial statements following a provided format.
  • Prepare payroll tax, sales tax and property tax returns.
  • Prepare trial balance for use by tax department in preparation of income tax returns.
  • Prepare index to work papers.
  • Prepare depreciation and amortization schedules.
  • Monitor time worked in relation to budgets and keep in-charge informed of potential problem areas as soon as they are recognized.
  • General bookkeeping preparation of client data including bank reconciliations.
  • Maintain and increase a reasonable level of technical competence in accounting and bookkeeping matters through personal study and participation in professional education programs.
  • Quickbooks Pro Advisor
  • Perform other duties as assigned from time to time by the  Managers.

Working Conditions

  • Involves work in the firm’s office or on the client’s premises. Work on the client’s premises may require the use of the accounting consultant’s personal car.
  • Overtime may be required throughout the year. High level of overtime may be required during tax season and to complete special projects

Required Experience & Education

  • Accounting consultants normally have three years of experience of bookkeeping experience with a CPA firm and several years of additional bookkeeping experience in a related field.
  • The accounting consultant should have completed courses in basic accounting, a degree in accounting is preferred.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this position, please email